Socialist Elected to Seattle City Council

Kshama Sawant, a member of the Socialist Alternative party, was elected to the Seattle city council on November 20th, in a surprise turnaround – her democratic opponent was leading 54 – 46 until the mail-in ballots were counted.

Reaction to her election on the left has been mostly positive, with a few not regarding her as sufficiently socialist. Sawant’s election reflects the paradigm shift in American Politics after the great crash in 2008.  Socialism is no longer a toxic word in American politics; in fact, a majority of young people in the US favor socialism over capitalism.

We have a proliferation of low-wage jobs. The cost of housing has been rising astronomically…. There is a deep dissatisfaction and disgust that the system does not offer much for working people.”

During a victory speech, Sawant said:

“We don’t need the executives! We need Boeing to be under democratic public ownership by workers — by the community!”

Sawant is the first Socialist to be elected in the US in “living memory”, and is a self-described Marxist.

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