Tom Brower’s war on the Homeless



Tom Brower, the State representative who got national attention for smashing the shopping carts of the homeless, has finally “retired” the sledgehammer, claiming to have “made his point”. In an article in the conservative-leaning Hawaii Reporter, Brower said:

The reality is we will never be able to build enough shelters to house the State’s 4,000-plus homeless…government needs to remove the homeless from areas of aesthetic, cultural and economic importance for the enjoyment of residents and visitors.

Brower also advocates rounding up the homeless and putting them in “homeless safe zones”:

If enough safe zones are created, the homeless cannot say they have “no place to go” and continue monopolizing our parks and sidewalks. They will now have a place to go. Should they choose not to go there, the homeless must understand, from this point forward, they will not have unlimited access for “camping” at popular spots. Being homeless should mean fewer options on where you can stay, not more.

For homeless service providers, safe zones would make it easier to track/ care for their clients and control the spread of infectious diseases, like hepatitis. For law enforcement, the homeless would be easier to remove from unauthorized spaces

Mr. Brower reportedly wears an Armani Exchange baseball cap and gloves while “cleaning up the streets”.

EDIT: In a hilarious update to this story, Tom was apparently beaten by the homeless for filming them(2015).

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