Leftypol User Survey

Hey guys, I did some surveys of leftypol’s user base. There are about 950 active 8ch.net leftypol users, and we got about 80ish responses total. So all in all, there should be about a 10% margin of error, given a 95% confidence level and . Keep in mind people are allowed to select more than one option.


Leftypol Demographics

The top 5 Tendencies are:

  1. Anti-idpol
  2. Anarcho-Communist
  3. Libertarian Socialist
  4. Libertarian Marxist
  5. Classical Marxism –tied with– Communalism / Bookchin


With regards to ideal economic system the top 5 are:

  1. We can’t know in advance, it will have to be adapted to the circumstances
  2. Participatory / Democratic Planning Socialism
  3. Computational Planning (Labor Vouchers, etc.)
  4. Mutualist or Market Socialist / Cooperatives
  5. Other (largely blank entries)

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